Anthurium Metallicum Careguide

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    This one is one of my favourite Anthuriums just because it’s so easy to care for and every time it gives me a new leaf they’re just getting bigger and bigger 🥳

    Anthurium Metallicum belongs to the plant family Araceae and originates from the jungles of Colombia.

    In order for it to thrive in our homes it demands high humidity, higher than 60% and it’ll be a happy bunny 🐰

    Bright indirect light. I have mine maybe one meter away from my east facing window (I get morning sun ☀️)

    Water it moderately (depending on your climate). During spring/summer/autumn I can water it as often as twice a week but always stick your finger in the soil before watering it. The soil should be bordering to becoming dry before you’re safe to give it some more water 💦

    Anthuriums grow best in an orchid type of soil mix, namely an mix between soil, bark, charcoal, pumice and perlite 🪴

    I have yet to give my Metallicum any fertiliser but I’m planning to start in march. Anthuriums benefits to get fertilised but not too often. Every 5-7 weeks from spring to autumn ⭐️

    So that was just a quick guide of how I’m treating this absolute beaut 🥰

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