Well it started like this. We are a parent and a daughter that share the passion for plants, mostly philodendrons they are the most beautiful plants created. But we respect every opinion 🙂

We have expanded and went from hobby to business, but the love is still there 🙂

Mi casa es su casa – This is the feeling we want to give you when you visit our shop. Like a plant, give it the right evoirnment and it will thrive anywhere. We collect the most exclusive plants for you, we ”cherry pick” them and give them the right envoirnment so everyone can enjoy these beautiful pieces of art!

The owner in an aroid jungle

Mostly, yes! If it is not, we will send a picture of the plant that we will ship. But it will be the same size

Yes you can but it depends when, we ship plants only monday-tuesday. For an example: you make an order thursday and on saturday you remembered to order more things. Contact us and we will subtract the shipping fee for the new order.

Well it depends wich plant we are talking about. Email us and describe your issues, we will do our best to give you the best tips

Sure, email us and we will give you a discount!

Sure, at a reasonable cost and logic. But when you email us and tell us how to package your plant, the risk is on your behalf.