Rates and Payment

All prices are quoted including VAT. At checkout you can see the total price including all fees, VAT and shipping. Plantasweden cooperates with Klarna and payment is made via Klarna Checkout, STRIPE and Paypal. Payment terms are stated at checkout depending on the selected payment method.

Shipping and Delivery

Shipping fee is stated on the checkout-page.

Shipping fee varies within the EU.

We do not ship goods outside the EU.

Delivery time for goods is normally 1-2 working days from the time that we sent the goods. We pack and ship plants Monday – Thursdays.

Your order is sent in a package. Note that this also applies to large orders. Of course, we package your package in the best possible way to reduce the risk of injury. However, note that the risk of crash damage increases the heavier your order is.

You can either come to our pickup point or we can deliver the package to your house for free, that is if you buy plants for 1500kr or more.

We ship all orders within Sweden with BEST TR. or DHL.

Packages shipped within Europe are shipped with the company that we agree about with you.

As soon as the package has arrived at your drop-off location, you will receive an SMS notification with your package number that you, together with your identification.

When ordering within the EU, you should be at home and receive your package as soon as possible. We recommend that the package is retrieved absolutely no later than the day after received notification.

If you live in a place where the next 7 working days are minus degrees, we recommend that you wait with your order until warmer temperatures. It is at your own risk that you order at minus degrees. The warranty does not apply if cold damage occurs due to this.

Worldwide: With the help of the swedish board of agriculture we are able to send plants worldwide. However there is a fee for us to be able to ship them

Return Policy

When purchasing goods on the website, you as a customer have a statutory 14-day right of withdrawal that applies from the time you have received an item that you have ordered.

Note! In accordance with the law on distance contracts and exceptions to the right of withdrawal, the customer does not have the right of withdrawal for goods that can quickly deteriorate or become too old, or which after delivery are confused with another.
Therefore, your right of withdrawal does not apply to green plants, flowering plants, cuttings, bulbs, tubers, garden plants and other products that can be harmed by being handled several times. The right of withdrawal does not also apply to plants and products that have a limited expiry date, are classified as fresh produce, can quickly deteriorate, become too old or have been planted after purchase. (Distance Trading Act 2 chapter, section 11, paragraphs 4 and 6).


If you get the wrong item / quantity, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can correct the error, with new plants or repayment.

Always contact us within 7 days if you want to advertise a plant. After 7 days no guarantee is valid .

We do not redeem goods that are returned for postage or collection.

If you do not pick up your package, you will be charged regardless of ordered plants, because they might be damaged when they have been out there for so long.

In the event of a dispute, the plantasweden.se follows the General Complaints Board’s recommendations.

Damaged package

If your package is damaged, it must be reported immediately when you pick up the package.
Send us at the same day, a photo and a description of the damage.


When purchasing live plants, keep in mind that the condition of the plant may have deteriorated during delivery to you. Due to careless postal movement, folding or breaking damage to leaves / stems can occur, which we unfortunately can not control more than we do our absolute best to pack your plants in such a way that damage should not occur. Plants that arrive with cosmetic damage are therefore not reason enough to advertise as long as the plant is still alive. If the plant would presumably have any damage caused to us in any way before the order left our warehouse, we of course want to help you solve it as best we can.

We are not responsible for any freeze damage that may occur on living plants .

Keep this in mind when buying plants from us.
NOTE !! We never send plants with visible damage without informing them in the description of the product.

We do not refund transport damage and refrigeration damage.

All plants that are planted in clay pots are sent without the clay pot, as they destroy the plant during transport

Integrity policy

When you place an order with us, you provide your personal information.
Plantasweden follows the GDPR where we store and collect:

First name
Last name
E-mail address
Postal code
Phone number.

In connection with your purchase and order, you agree that we store and use your information in our business to fulfill the agreement with you.


We reserve the right to price tag errors, item information and reserve the right to price changes. Prices often differ in the e-store and in the physical store.
We do our best, but can not guarantee that the images in the webshop reflect the exact appearance of the product, it is living plants we sell. If it is not the one in the picture, we will send you a picture of the plant that will be sent to you.

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