Ecogarden, propagating and your skin!

It may or may not come as a surprise to you but most house plants will thrive in the EcoGarden. Although they are a FoodTech startup initially focusing on herbs and leafy greens, it’s amazing to see a larger variety of plants that are not meant for consumption being a part of the sustainable growing system, aquaponics. We have recently collaborated with Ecoobloom, you can browse their online page here and be mesmerized by their smart aquarium. Having your house plants in the EcoGarden provides similar benefits such as its stress reducing and therapeutic qualities as well as having more fresh and crisp air in your space. We have rooted rare plants in this perfect environment that EcoGarden provides. In this picture you can see Philodendron Fibrosum, Philodendron Sodiroi, Philodendron angustialatum, Epipremnum Pinnatum Variegata and some more.

Popogate rare plants

We will add “before/after” photos just to show you how fast this system does help the plants to root very quickly. A balance of flow, bacteria and water, makes it a perfect rare plant propagator. But that is for the next article that will be available next week.

An environment with low humidity….
not for you nor your aroids!

But guys, let us focus on the product itself. Especially for us that lives in Scandinavia. This aquarium will change your life. Yes! It will higher the humidity for your plants close to it because of the constant flow of water that will evaporate and even create a better environment in you apartment like a humidifier. We get skin problems during the winter because of the radiator that “burns” the water in the air. In fact that creates a very bad environment for us, our kids, plants and pets. Do you wonder why your children has dry skin during winter?

Our bodies evaporate water faster than it can recover. Which creates a dry skin, dry skin overtime can cause a lot of issues. Be free from issues. Use your Ecogarden with your favorite rare plant.