Monstera - Variegata Albo

Temperatura aroid

Entre 17 y 25 grados centígrados.

Aroid Light

Luz solar indirecta.


Agua una vez a la semana.

Tamaño de la maceta ø17cm


Hay existencias


Monstera Variegata

Grow Monstera Variegata up a moss pole and spray regularly to create humidity. Water freely when in full growth and add a monthly liquid feed; water sparingly in winter. They grow and climb fast in bright direct sun or indirect light depending on how you want it to grow.

It feels like this plant outlived this generation, it has been and still is trendy. It is easy fairly easy to take care of. Grows big and sticks out from the rest because of the variegation. Monstera Variegata Albo means white variegation, there is also a yellow one = Monstera aurea Variegata.

Caring for Variegated Monsteras

As tropical plants, heat and humidity will activate faster growth. Since the variegated leaves product less chlorophyll, adequate lighting is essential. Keep your Monstera Variegata in luz indirecta brillante.

Monstera plants are also vining plants, meaning they will need stability as they grow. Provide a tótem for your Monstera to wrap around for stronger and faster growth.

The most common problem is overwatering and root rot. To prevent this, pot your Variegata in well-draining soil, and only water when the top few cm of soil feel dry to the touch.

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Monstera - Variegata Albo