How to keep the variegation on the Monstera variegata

Well this is a very well known plant, very beautiful and popular. This trendy plant does not fall off, its still the most trendy plant that the majority of the plant-community does love to see in their collection. Monsteras in general are bold, love to show off and they are pretty sturdy compared to other plants such as an Alocasias.

Everyone loves the Monstera variegation but how much is too much?

Well there is different layers of variegation but we will talk about the Albo, which in the white area (variegated area) have limited chlorophyll in the leaves. As we all know from school Science, less chlorophyll means less solar energy-photosynthesis. To make it simple, no photosynthesis=no “food”/glucose for the plant. Therefore, do not choose an all white plant. The monstera variegata we sell does have green (chlorophyll rich) areas for the plant to be able to photosynthesize. If you get a new leaf that is all white, you have two options.

1. Let it grow and unfurl and let nature take care of it. Wait and see if the leaf after that one is also white.

2. Cut the stem under the leaf or preferably under the last leaf that is just enough variegated.

How should the variegation look when I choose a Monstera Variegata

Well to be honest it really is up to and your skills. More variegation requires more skills that you can learn of course. But if you want a Monstera Variegata that will stay variegated, sturdy, and require less attention, pick one with “sparkled” variegation.