Philodendron Luxurians and Philodendron Cream Splash

Both the Philodendron Luxurians and Cream Splash are some of the most overlooked houseplants you can add to your growing collection. Check out this short and sweet post about how to properly identify both houseplants, why you need them in your home, and how to provide the best care possible for optimal growth.

The heart-shaped Luxurians has a dark, bold coloring to contrast with surrounding green foliage. Often confused for the lighter colored Gloriosum, the Luxurians has white veins throughout its heart-shaped dark leaves. In fact, these large velvety leaves even resemble dragon scales. Both plants can amass to huge heights when given plenty of space to sprawl out. Enjoy the bold yet gentle touch that the Philodendron Luxurians brings into every home.

What better way to compliment the large leaves with a smaller vining plant? The Philodendron Cream Splash is yet another underrated and overlooked tropical houseplant. Just like the Luxurians, the Cream Splash is commonly mislabeled. Many people confuse this plant with the lime green lookalike Philodendron Brasil. While both do look similar, the Cream Splash boasts stunning white variegation, while the Brasil is only shades of green. If you are looking for albino variegation at a fraction of the price, the Cream Splash is the perfect fit for your rare plant collection!

Treat your Aracae Philodendrons with bright, indirect light. Water the well-draining soil when the top few centimeters are dry, which is usually once or twice per week. 

Check out both plants here at PlantaSweden – the Philodendron Luxurians and Philodendron Cream Splash. Take your living space to the next level by welcoming nature into your home, bringing the outdoors in to you!