Philodendron Strawberry Shake and Camposportoanum

Some of our most popular rare houseplants here at PlantaSweden include the Philodendron “Strawberry Shake”, and the more complex named Philodendron “Camposportoanum”. Both varieties are in the Aracae family, with foliar features known to other Philodendrons – all with a special twist. Here’s some of the reasons each are unique in their own way, and why our customers love showing them off in their rare houseplant collections.

Philodendron Strawberry Shake

If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on a Strawberry Shake Philodendron, you’ll notice the elongated leaves and tendency to climb. On face, they may look like a Philodendron “Painted Lady” or “Red Emerald”, but have a unique twist once you take a second look.

Despite being named after a pink beverage, not all Strawberry Shake leaves are pink or red. Each leaf has its own variegated pattern of green, orange, yellow, and red shades. As this Philodendron starts to sprawl, the elongated stems and vines hold a bright red color that complement each individual leaf. There is no shortage of bold, multicolored foliage. No two leaves will ever be the same, with each new plant showing off its own color pattern.

Philodendron Camposportoanum

Don’t be scared away by the long and impossible-to-pronounce name. While the Strawberry Shake may be flashy and more colorful, the Philodendron Camposportoanum grows and matures like none other. 

A juvenile propagation of this houseplant can look entirely different than a maturely known one. For example, young leaves grow in velvety, round, and deep green. However, as they grow, leaves can take two or three unique shapes! Mature leaves in the Camposportoanum contain subtle hints of pink in their leaves, which can be noticed more easily in the right lighting.

To help this plant reach its mature form, provide plenty of bright indirect light, humidity, watering when dry, and a moss pole to provide stability. Expect a fully grown Camposportoanum to measure in at half a meter long. Although a bit smaller than other Aracae, its more compact size allows the option to grow the Camposportoanum in a terrarium, keeping high humidity and healthy leaves intact.

Caring for Rare Philodendrons

As Philodendrons in the Aracae family, both tropical plants have a lot in common. To keep both the Strawberry Shake and Camposportoanum healthy, create an environment that mimics their tropical roots. This includes bright indirect light to bring out the full spectrum of leaf colors, watering the soil when dry, and growing in warm room temperatures (not cold and not hot). High humidity in the 50-70% range is a big plus, but not a necessity.

If you are stuck deciding between both of these enchanting plants, you have quite the decision to make. The Strawberry Shake has invigorating colors, while the Camposportoanum is a real life shape-shifter as it grows. Both Aracae are rare and worth showing off in your plant collection, each with its own unique traits it brings to your indoor jungle. Why not take home both?

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