Anthurium – Luxurians

Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.
indirect sunlight
Water once a week
Potsize ø12cm


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Anthurium Luxurians

A Luxurious plant that is described by Thomas Croat and Richard Cirino (published 2005). Anthurium luxurians is a gorgeous species with bullate leaves. When the plants are young, new leaves have a pale color but darkens when it grow. Goes through different colors, pink-red, brown-blue, but when it hardens it becomes more green and then dark green to almost black. We have found that this Anthurium Luxurians grows slow but seems to us that it is constantly growing in its own slow pace. Its a Lowland Tropical plant which does not require alot of light. We love this plant because it is fairly easy to take care of this rare plant. It does look like a dark diamond that deserves the name it have. The leaves can grow up to 40-60cm wide and up to 65cm long, imagine a leaf of this Anthurium Luxurians that is half a meter wide!?

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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 45 cm