Monstera – Thai constellation XXL (nr 9)


Monstera Thai Constellation 19cm pot

Humidity: above 50%

Water: every 4 days

Height: 100cm

Leaf size: between 60-90cm

Light; indirect sun, can tolerate direct sun for an hour or so but keep an eye on the leaves if they become “burned”/brown change place

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Monstera – Thai Constellation

A Lovely plant. Why do they call it MONSTERa? This is a beautiful monster with variegation. This monstera thai constellation can grow and become huge, there are examples of monstera constellations that can grow taller than your tallest room. Search through Google “plantporn monstera thai constellation” and you will see some huge ones. We recommend that you have high humidity in you apartment because Monstera – Thai constellation is a bit more sensitive than your regular green monstera.

Additional information

Dimensions 120 × 40 × 40 cm


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