Philodendron – Asplundii

  • Name: Philodendron Asplundii
  • Potsize: 12cm
  • Height: For reference, the height of the box behind the plant is 32cm
  • Ligh: Indirect sun
  • Humidity: minimum 60% does not tolerate much lower


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Philodendron Asplundii

Philodendron Asplundii is one of the most beautiful plant we have. The beautiful Philodendron grows in Peru, French Guiana, Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil. Tropical moist forests are this Philodendron Asplundii favorite environment, where it climbs over other plants. It is a perennial plant species with evergreen leaves. Plantasweden have brought this plant to our nursery to make more plants of it for. you to enjoy!


  • Light. Philodendrons typically grow best in partial sunlight. They naturally would get dappled light under a tropical canopy, not direct sun.
  • Soil. Philodendrons like a loose potting soil that’s rich in organic matter. The soil must have good drainage.
  • Water. These plants generally like a moderate amount of soil moisture. Water whenever the top inch of soil has dried out.
  • Temperature and Humidity. The temperature tolerance of philodendrons varies based on the species. In general, they should not be exposed to temperatures below 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Fertilizer. Use a balanced liquid fertilizer monthly on your plant in the spring and summer. Then, reduce feeding to every six to eight weeks in the fall and winter.
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