Philodendron – Brazil


  • Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.
  • Indirect sunlight.
  • Water once a week.
  • Potsize ø14cm

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Philodendron – Hederacum ‘Brazil’

Grow it up a moss pole and spray regularly to create humidity. Water freely when in full growth and add a monthly liquid feed; water sparingly in winter. They grow and climb fast in bright direct sun or indirect light depending on how you want it to grow. There is a variegated version of this plant and its called philodendron Cream splash

However if you are not a collector and want to have a  beautiful non variegated plant, this would bee a good choice!
Try to mix other plants with this plant. We have mixed, Philodendron Micans, epipremnum lemon, and “njoy”. So the plants in the pot will start with bright colors, the Philodendron Brazil will make a good transition in colors from bright to darker and then match with the dark P.micans!

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Dimensions 40 × 13 × 13 cm