Philodendron – Gloriosum verde

Pot size: 13cm

Height: with pot around 49cm

Humidity: at leasr 45%

Needs to be repotted to at least 15cm pot


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Philodendron – Gloriosum

This beautiful plant is actually easy to care for. This rare plant is beautiful with leaves that comes in several colors, pink-white variegated. Truly a beautiful aroid that can be a perfect gift to you or someone else!

Create an environment that replicates their tropical home. All lighting should be indirect sunlight so the leaves will not burn.

Heat and humidity will only provide faster and healthier foliage. We recommend room temperatures between 17 to 25 Celsius. If you  have a humidity meter aim to keep your indoor humidity between 40-65%. 

Lastly, preventing root rot is crucial to protect your houseplants. For this reason, you may only need to water once a week, or when the top of the soil feels dry. This will vary based on the weather and humidity. If you plan to re-pot your Phildendron Gloriosum, use a well-draining soil mix so the roots can breathe.

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Dimensions 13 × 11 × 50 cm


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