Philodendron – Paraiso Verde

  • Name: Philodendron Paraiso verde
  • Potsize: 12cm ø
  • Light: Indirect bright sunlight


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Philodendron – Paraiso Verde

The plant comes straight from paradise 🙂

Philodendron Paraiso Verde is an extraordinary looking plant. You will probably want to buy this plant because of the molted patterns on the leaves. The long, beautiful leaves grows on rather small stems. A typical leaf can grow as big as 10-15 inches.

Watering depends on your soil mix and if you have pon instead of soil. But because this plant comes from the rainforest, we recommend you to have it above 40% in humidity.

Very easy to take care of, will also very easy make you in love with it. Please take care of this plant when you buy it!