Ludisia Discolor (Jewel orchid)

Between 17 and 25 degrees Celsius.

Indirect sunlight.

Water once a week.

Pot size ø12cm


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This terrestrial orchid is a member of the orchid family Orchidaceae. Ludisia discolor is the only species in its genus and is commonly called the jewel orchid. However, there are a few jewel orchid cultivars, each with its own distinct leaf patterns and colors.

Orchid care

This one is easy to grow, it will tolerate alot but we recommend you to rather under watering than overwatering. It is easy to over water plants you just bought because they will get more attention. This Ludisia Discolor Jewel orchid does not like too much attention!


This Jewel orchid  can be potted in regular soil mix, bark, peat moss or even perlite. Be sure to add the necessary nutrients especially in non organic substrate.


Light requirements are low, non direct sunlight but tolerates direct sunlight an hour or two a day. It can tolerate shade but medium-low light is what we recommend.

More information about this plant can be found here 


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