Syngonium – Red spot tricolor

Potsize: 9cm


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A rare Syngonium

This is a rare plant, a rare Syngonium that is well known by every Syngonium or rare plant collector. They love the Syngonium red spot tricolor Lets talk about this plant!

Plants in the Syngonium family originate in tropical regions, such as Central and South America. Most notably, they are also vining plants. Both factors are essential to help the Syngonium feel at home. If you are lucky enough to find a Red Spot Tricolor, here is how to care for it properly.

Provide bright indirect light, and plant in well-draining soil. Watering needs are moderate. This means you should water when the top few cm of soil feels dry to the touch. Once your Tricolor starts to skyrocket in growth, remember to simulate its tropical roots. Provide warm room temperaturemoderate humidity, and a totem pole that the Arrowhead Plant can climb up for stability. A beautiful plant that is easy to care for, even for beginners. For best colors, provide bright light.

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