Nelson Garden – 40sticks, Fertilizer

  • Insert into the soil and then release the right amount of nutrients at each watering for up to three months.
  • NPK 14-3-7 + micro


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Plant nutrition with micronutrients. Gives the plants access to exactly the right nutrients for up to 3 months. The sticks are easy to use and the nutrients are released during each watering without the risk of burning the roots.

Mineral plant nutrients for potted plants.

Easy to use:  Press into the ground, evenly distributed along the edge of the pot. Newly planted seedlings should only be fertilized after about 2 weeks.

Dosage based on the diameter of the pot: 1 pc. to Ø12 cm, 2 pcs. to Ø16 cm, 3 pcs. to Ø20 cm, 5 pcs. to Ø25 cm. Repeat after about 3 months. Halve the dosage during the winter months.