Nelson Garden Vermaculite 3 L

  • High quality vermiculite


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A natural and environmentally friendly soil improvement material.
Vermiculite is a clay shale that, after heavy heating, has a structure that both absorbs and releases moisture.
The material can be mixed into the soil to make it more moisture-retaining, but it can also be used for cover during seed sowing to preserve the soil moisture better and prevent any green coating.
Feel free to use Vermiculite together with Perlite which makes the soil more airy and porous.

Pre-growing light-germinating seeds:
Fill the pot with soil.
Sow the seeds and cover with Vermiculite.

Fill the planting pot with soil. Sow the seeds, cover with soil and sprinkle over a thin layer of Vermiculite.

Plug seedlings:
Cover the crop with Vermiculite.

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