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When the name of the product ends with (nr 1) it means that the plant you are buying is the plant in that Product image.

For reference: In every image there is a tile. The width of that tile is 13cm and the height of the brown box behind the plant is: 32cm.

DHL – trackableDHL – express premiumUPS
Delivery time1-10 W. days1-2 days guarantee1-4 W.days
Price approx.15eu29 euro19 euro
TrackableNot alwaysYesYes
Deliver on demandNoYes, premium service?

Shipping within Sweden

Order DHL ServicepointPick up Point in Stockholm (bromma)Delivery Stockholm Stad
1 – 99 KR69 KR0 KR
100 – 499 KR69 KR0 KR
500 – 1499 KR69 KR0 KR
1500 KR +69 KR0 KR0kr

Monstera monkey mask