When the name of the product ends with (nr 1) it means that the plant you are buying is the plant in that specific Product image



We ship orders from monday-wednesday.


We ship orders from monday-thursday. Orders sent within Sweden will be sent with Best transport or  DHL.
You will get a notification (SMS) when its time to pickup/book your order.

NON EU (Phytosanitary certificate): 
Shipped during the end of the month. Deadline for orders to be sent within that month is always 10days before the end of the month.


  DHL  DHL – express premium UPS
Delivery time 1-10 W. days 1-2 days guarantee 1-4 W.days
Price approx. 15 euro 30 euro 19 euro
Trackable Not always Yes Yes
Deliver on demand No Yes, premium service ?

Shipping within Sweden

Order   DHL Servicepoint Pick up Point in Stockholm (bromma) Delivery Stockholm Stad
1 – 99 KR 50-99 SEK 0 KR
100 – 499 KR 50-99 SEK 0 KR
500 – 1499 KR 50-99 SEK 0 KR
1500 KR + 0 SEK 0 KR 0kr

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