Shipping rare plants worldwide

For non EU-Countries 

Every shipment that require phytosanitary certification will be sent by the end of every month, starting June (end of june).

Its the buyers responsibilty to check how the import laws are in your country. .
At the moment, every certification will cost 750SEK or 75EU incl. handling

1. Add plants to your cart

2. Add product “Phytosanitary certification” to your cart

3. Finalize order!

*price adjustments for shipping price can happen but we will keep you informed.

Norway and Iceland

We have a special deal for Norway and Island. It will cost you only 450SEK and that is incl. shipment and handling.
This can be payed when you finalize your order and use “Norway” as shipping method. 

Happy aroid and rare plant shopping 🙂