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About our little Araceae family

Well it started like this. We are a parent and a daughter that share the passion for plants, mostly philodendrons they are the most beautiful plants created. But we respect every opinion 🙂

We have expanded and went from hobby to business, but it is not the business that we want you to feel. We believe that every one can and will be a plant parent, we just need to match you with the perfect plant.

“Mi casa es su casa”. – Welcome to our house of plants. Even if you do not like plants or Philodendrons, have a look and we will try to find you the right plant. Love for nature or plants can grow like a plant, give it the right environment and it will thrive anywhere. Welcome and we hope you will find something. We collect the most exclusive plants for you, we ”cherry pick” them and give them the right environment so everyone can enjoy these beautiful pieces of art. 

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